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Amateur Blonde Music Also check out "Water Glass." What a great band. I believe a lot of this record was recorded on camera! Go to Vimeo and search Pat Hull Favorite track: Loyal..
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If I were me, I'd be lost I'd pretend I'm here, pretend that there's a cause Cause for all, all this drowning When you do it right, and it all goes wrong <Chorus> I know you can't save me, but you bring me closer, bring me closer to, the what I cannot name See the trees, they're so ramose It's obvious to you, it's obvious to most Mostly dumb, mostly dead, mostly selfish, mostly in my head <chorus> Flip your hair, laughing hens, I don't know you yet But you are my friend Friends are gone, friends are ghosts Friends are real, if they are your hosts <chorus> In my dreams, it's all so clear, a vision from my cell, of all we're meant to be Be here now, be a dancer, be a stone house <chorus> With your back to me, I'm turned off, can't delete this shame, can't delete the cost Cost of all, all this drowning, when you do it right, and it all goes wrong <chorus>
Loyal. 04:03
Sometimes the darkness wins, where have I been, where have you been, feed your without with all my within I'm a dog, loyal til the end Ocean divides the time, you're on an island inside of my mind, ninety percent of you flood, the ten that survived, royal till the end Hold nights, cold mornings, Hold nights, gold mornings
Ay Marie. 03:42
baby let's leave, shave our heads, flowers bloom on a battered highway daddy looked dead, half of his life, hid his love and forgot where he left it when I found me, bloody and sore, looking up like why would you do this? ay marie, bring me home, ay marie, I've never needed you more than I do right now the eagle went blind, circling prey, when she dove right on target I gave her my love, the colors I had, everything that was left in me The broken town bells, rang out twice, a lonely chord in harmony <chorus> I ate your sadness, got lazy and full, you rolled me down the side of your mountain the heron stood still, suspended in time, it was then I knew I had to start over
So Close. 02:02
We were so close baby, just could not hang on Tough times grabbed a hold, so close Fate was around the corner, ready to shake our hands But our bet was on the river, so close A smile in the dead of winter is all I wanted to see, But you could not help but shiver, was it so cold with me? A house with unlit candles, never made sense to me Tomorrow lit our fire, so close, so close baby
Don't take me home, there's a girl, there's a ghost in my bed Don't take me home, let me be a stranger in my head House with the boards spitting out fire, house with the doors, how they swing, liar. Don't take me home, I don't want to look her in the eyes Don't take me home, I've never seen somebody die Look at the earth spitting out fire, look at the earth, how she swings, liar, you're a liar.
Easier. 03:44
Lifted your dog up on the hospital bed, no one listened like him. Who is left to take my time with? Who is left to walk in silence? You’ve been knocking on my door so long, can’t pretend I don’t hear it anymore. There I go, counting sand, coat of sap stuck to my hand. They say it’s easier. I want it easier. You make it easier. Buried my name deep in your heart, hoping for a new rhythm to start. There you go, golden hair, flowing over the back of my chair. Come on baby let me wear you out, the kind of tired we all dream about. And when you’re looking for something more, I’ll be riding your wave to the shore. They say it’s easier, I want it easier, you make it easier.
7x6. 02:16
Water Glass. 04:11
All I've ever held in my hand, is a water glass, come on baby, make this last Future swimming in her eyes, and it filled my lack, come on baby, don't hold back I'm running out of leaves to turn over, running out of time to make shorter, I know Whatever you think I am, I'm surely not, the chorus calling with no response I'm tied to the infinite dream, it's a lonely cause, there is no reason, when love gets lost I'm running out of leaves to turn over, running out of time to make shorter, I know
6x7. 03:04
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Deliver II. 03:15
Some run in rivers that wind, down form the mountains Some are tangled up in twine, and they wait to be unfastened Who will deliver me home? I've got a garden inside, I don't know how to wear it I've got a safe place to hide, I don't want to share it Who will deliver me home?


6x7, Water Glass, and So Close recorded at Tiny Telephone in San Francisco (Engineer: Adam Hirsch).

Rest of the songs recorded at Chestnut Studios in Chico, CA (Engineer: Ethan Swett).

Artwork by Low and Tall.

Videography by Justin Kohlberg and Skylar Richards.

Produced by Ethan Swett and Pat Hull.
MIxed and Mastered by Ethan Swett


Pat Hull: Guitars/Piano/Vocals
Ethan Swett: Bass/Percussion/Cello/Viola/Electric Guitar/Mellotron
Sean Raeside: Drums/Percussion
Michael Bone: Guitars/Bass/Vocals
Andy King: Organ (Ay Marie)
Webster Moore: Organ
Shigemi: Keys on '7x6'
Andrew Kunz: Organ (Water Glass)
Aman Cowell: Trumpet
Dorian Rohlfes: Electric guitar on 6x7, Water Glass, and Bring Me Closer
Evin Wolverton: Vocals/Guitar on 'Easier' and 'Don't Take me Home'

All songs written by Pat Hull.


released September 1, 2019


all rights reserved



Pat Hull Chico, California

"Pat Hull has a voice that’s rare in today’s musical landscape that’s absolutely captivating and frankly, unseen in contemporary music, or at least isn’t done this well." (Nerdist)


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