by Pat Hull

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LIC RYNO This record has a few re-recorded versions from an earlier album, but much bigger and lush in scope. There are some new tunes too. Some impressive band work going on here with a touch of creative recording techniques. Pat's voice is less harmonized with itself and very much allowed to stand on it's own, singularly. BIG and NEAT! Favorite track: Overgrown.
Yoss Dey
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Yoss Dey You feel the momentum building here and then it hits you and you're left with nothing but visceral relaxation Favorite track: So Easy.
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released July 26, 2017

PAT HULL: vocals and guitars
JJ BECK: drums, percussion, keyboards, guitars
MICHAEL CHINWORTH: background vocals, keyboards
SAM CLEMENT: guitars and bass
ROWEN KRANTZ: background vocals
DAVID CUITE: upright bass
ANN STONE : background vocals
FIONA DeVito: background vocals
VIVA WITTMAN: background vocals
ERIN GILDEA: background vocals

Strings on tracks 9 and 10 arranged by MICHAEL CHINWORTH
Additional Engineering by SAM CLEMENT
Mastered at Salt Mastering (NY)


all rights reserved



Pat Hull Chico, California

"Pat Hull has a voice that’s rare in today’s musical landscape that’s absolutely captivating and frankly, unseen in contemporary music, or at least isn’t done this well." (Nerdist)

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Track Name: Everything
Drill a hole, into a tree, out comes the swarm
Finding it hard to be, the man I've sworn to be
Remembering delays, the moment, I laid in your concrete sheets
Looked into the eye of the morning, everything

Walking slowly, through a dream, on the ocean floor
Not quite sure where I am, I've felt this before
Remembering the day when Sammy, decided to spin my ring
Looked into the eye of the morning, everything

I believe there is a part of me, untouched and unseen
I bite into the rind to redeem, everything
Track Name: Dorean
You only know a charming man
You don't hear the hammering
You don't see the wagon off the rails

Comes a time when you must rebuild
Morning bends the colors around your shape
I love to see your beauty in this way

Been so long since I talked to God
Water rushes down an empty cave
Water pushes all the love I gave

The man sang a song in my dreams
Long black hair and crooked teeth
And every note he struck I do bleed
It's everything unsung inside of me
Track Name: Grey Eyes
Riding waves, jumping out of airplanes
Spinning down, erasing all your memories
Lying on my shoulder, worried about your mother

Found your head rolling down the alley
Spent the day looking for your body
Remember how I met you, dancing to the music

Grey eyes, feeling blue

Sacrificed too many moments
Another grain of sand in the ocean
You decorate your door, you tell me that it's always open

A part of me is gone, I don't ask how, I don't ask why
Grey eyes, feeling blue

Mining for jewels in the mountain
And no one in town wants to buy them
Time gets you thinking, thinking gets you crying
You're searching for a friend, but you're too busy trying
Track Name: So Easy
I break a part my day, into pieces just for you
What more can I say, I'd do anything for you

There's nothing that I want, so bad to make me leave
I watch the river run, and wind away from me

My head isn't straight, you know it never was
But I'm working every day, doing it for us
Anything for you, so easy
Track Name: River
River drove me down, everything I own
Everything I've polished, everything's alone
River cooled me down, brought me to you
My sweet solace, my unturned stone

Baby cut her hair, fell down to the floor
I could not recognize her, hand on the door
Sun is sinking low, I see you going out
Walking with a shadow, shadow of a doubt

I love you, yes I do, you know I do

When you're lost in time, honey I'll be there
Floating down the river, throwing you a line
Track Name: Overgrown
Your heart's too big, you let everybody in, you gave too much away
You let em feel for you, now they feel for you
The words your spill, they're overgrown, and now you don't know what to say
You let em love for you, now they love for you
The rose you picked, can't reach the sun, in the middle of the day
You let em season you, now the seas in you
Track Name: Everybody Knows
Everybody goes, 321, hear the gun, everybody goes
Everybody goes, I know your scared, I feel it too, everybody goes
But I won't desert you
Everybody knows, easy to run, hard to stay, everybody knows
Everybody knows, hard to love, easy to lay, everybody knows
Everybody knows, hard to be, easy to stray, everybody knows
But I won't desert you
Track Name: Marrow
Marrow come, marrow stay, I took a stone and through it on the lake
Woke up early every day, to tell my dreams to her before they slipped away

The melody is understood, and it will sing for you if you think it could
Glory be to all that's good, rock to rock, wood to would

Man it felt like I was dying, when you held me through the night
And when my well was drying, you rained down the mountain side

Marrow come, marrow stay, I know that there's nothing I can say
I hide the burden from my face, so she can smile without carrying my weight

Man it felt like I was dying, when you held me through the night
And when my well was drying, you rained down the mountain side
Track Name: Paradise
Gone, yah I've been gone, I can't say how long
You, you found my child, buried in the sand, of paradise
Sad, it's all been sad, picking through the trash
Honey I am rotten, and you're how it was
But we're painted right, in paradise

I watch the winter, turn the spring, it's in the simple things
Take a moment, and let it die, and rise again, in paradise
Pouring salt into the ocean, I'm floating home, to paradise

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